Twitter life

After careful and not so careful consideration, I have decided to make my twitter public. For all the eyes to see, and in doing so I have become more active on “the twitter.” After asking the twitterverse on a whim, I have added twitter to the side of my blog. You can obviously see it to the right of this text. The whimsical writing you get here, you will also get on “the twitter.”

With that said, many a thing has happened this last month. I got back from a great vacation! I packed, I Uhauled, and moved. Installing internet was a hassle, due to there so many similar customers in the area. Luckily, I got help from the internet provider, and I am now good to go. In the past month, my addiction to Netflix has risen! I have watched so many random and strange movies that they started to meld together. Now to find a new career in a new city, and as always I will keep you updated (as much as I can/allowed).

Safe travels!

Feeding the Chickens