Metalic Magenta

Solid Metalic Megenta (Pink) Tie. This one purchase has been a good life choice. It has seen me through multiple interviews, hires, and at least one cruise! It is vibrate and cheerful. Its a ‘remember me’ tie, and no matter where I go people yell out “Nice Tie!” I often nod my head and go on my merry way. It’s a confidence booster that is for sure! I’m always looking for the next big colour – maybe yellow, orange, or lime

Colours on the go:
1. Metalic Magenta
2. Metalic Black
3. Metalic Red
4. Accidently Washed which made it fade Purple
5. Lost White.

I wonder, where can I get a nice bowtie? Have yet to wear one, would like to try one (of course in solid bright colours).