Holiday Tradition.

Welcome to the Holidays,

This time of year many families get time off (from work or school) to spend with each other during the holidays. I was no exception. This year, as the annual tradition is, I traveled to Yellowknife to spend time with the Soon-to-be Inlaws & Soon-to-be Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. I was fortunate enough to get the day off before I went up, to clean & pack. To say for a few days in Yellowknife I packed as if I was going for two weeks. Few days equals two suitcases. To say I am an overpacker is an understatement. To be honest, I was bringing up a second suitcase to bring back a Bike Trainer (was thinking ahead).

I woke early to catch my flight on Canadian North, a Northern Airline that comes down to select cities, that left early morning. The security line during the Holidays was long, but went by quickly. The 100ml Limit on my lotion, and the taking of the belt to get through the metal detector all comes with the territory. Once through, and the belt back in it’s loops I was off to find a drink. Stopping at Jugo Juice to order a Soy beverage, I notice a young gentleman playing songs on the piano. I bought (by donation) his CD to listen in the future. I was off to find my gate and sit till called to board. That when I noticed when I looked outside that the plane was loading Cargo in the front (which I never seen before). I fumbled with the Cell to get a picture. I got one, and stood there in facination on how they worked the contraptions on the ground.

Morning23They called for General Boarding, and I was off to start my Trip in Yellowknife. We ended up boarding from the back of the plane which was also a new experience to me. We ended up sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes, unknowning what the delay was, we pushed off and flew off into the Sunrise (which followed me all the way to Yellowknife).

Once we were in the air, Canadian North, which allows two free luggages, also served us a Free Hot Breakfast (Mine was Eggs, French Toast, Sausage, Fruit, Yogurt, and Candy Cane). Filling to say the least. I totally made up for the Delay.

airplane food  The almost two hour flight went by quicky, as I became more excited the closer we got to ‘home.’ We touched down smoothly in Yellowknife and deplaned from the back onto the tarmac to walk to the Arrivals Lounge. While doing so, I was about to get a photo of the plane in all its glory. Once inside, I searched out the Fiance and the Soon-to-be Mother-in-law. When I found them, I slurred and mumbled in excitement to finally be back in Yellowknife. It was Great. We waited for my luggage (didn’t wait long) and we were off to the vehicle to be wisked home to settle in for the duration.

Canadian North Plane

That evening, we went over to the Aunts, and joined in with many many many others in Carolling the traditional and non-traditional Christmas Song. Each person picked from the 52 song booklet we had, as we went around in a circle. I was last to pick. We listened to family friends sing their own songs after that. As it was winding down, we left for home.

The Next day was the Christmas Eve mass. Where a practicum student studying in the ministry (Dont know how best to explain) lead us in Mass. This year was about where the Manger could be in this day in age. Apparently it was in the Buffalo Airway Hanger (History Channel: Ice Pilots). It was good, It felt shorter, and this year we had a PowerPoint presentation. Fancy.

Manger at Buffalo Airways But of course before this happened, I forgot to mention, we went out to Old Town in search of Mitts, Seal Skin to be exact. Every time I head to the North, I instinctively get something Northern. This time it was Seal Skin. But, in true fashion, and what friends have deemed “Andy Time”, I went too early.

No Worries though, It was a such a Gorgous Christmas Eve, that I was able to take a few ‘Selfies’ and the picture of the lake from Old Town, before we got back into the car.

Oldtown looking onto the lakeIt was as if time was frozen, Literally. There was a stillness in the air, and on the lake with house boats frozen into the lake. It was beautiful as I just stood there, still in the morning light.

I got back in the car, and headed for home, to come back later in the day. Which I did. When ‘Just Furs’ opened, I went right in. It took at least 30 minutes to figure out which pair of gloves I wanted. It was mixed between seal and sheep. I finally decided seal because it would last longer, and go further. I was happy with my purchase and wore it out of the store proudly. They are thin, and extremely warm & soft.

SealSkin Mitts With gloves on, I was ready for the day. During the time that I was waiting, the Fiance and I went out to take pictures in the beautiful snow covered landscape. As per usual, I am the model in front of the camera. I model well. The snow had yet to fall of the trees as the sun rose in the mid-day sunrise (being so far North). We snapped a few photos and were off back to home. Patiently waiting for the Mitts. Over all, it was a great day!


Dec2104YkHilltop treesChristmas Day came with a jolting alarm clock going off. I must of been in a deep sleep. We went out and opened the immediate families presents. I think we were all still a bit sleepy. As tradition, I scarfed down the Chocolate Hedgehogs. So tasty. Everyone got ready, and we were off to Grandmas where the whole family meet for Crepes and Bacon and the opening of Christmas Presents (all 15 of us). We all got great presents. (I now have a Seal Skin Mitt Twinsie, Soon-to-be Cousin.) Christmas Dinner came around and we each opened those Christmas Crackers (thats what I was told they were), I got a mini car which I took apart over Dinner. I also received a Joke… but it Seemed off.

Misprinted piece“What bird can the most?” This is what I got, we figured they left out the word “lift.” Of course, I twittered (@yk_moose) this conundrem of the “mosts”.  Card Games took over the night! Once we returned home, we noticed that the Aurora was starting in the sky. The Fiance and I went back out on the hill with the Camera in tow, and took a few pictures. The aurora was bright, and danced activly across the sky. It was a great end to Christmas Day.

The next day was Christmas #2, and the day I had to head back home. We deemed this “bookmas” as we made breakfast (since I had to leave in the evening). Bacon, Bagels and Salmon was on the menu for the morning. We eached open the mutiple books recieved and got to a game of “Five Crown” where I was so tired, that I lost count and had extra cards. I lost in great fashion :D

Heading to the airport, I checked in and waited to board. I boarded at ten after five, and the door finally shut at six. Being the second row made for a cold hour. We were never told why the delay. Either way we made it into the air and I was served a Christmas Supper aboard. Turkey, mash potatoes, green beans, a roll, cupcake, & Candy cane. We landed and I safely made it home (later than planned), and to work the next day.

Over all, it was an Amazing Christmas, and I look forward to doing it again next year.