“Where Dreams Come True” – My trip to Disney.

Busy, but not forgotten. I haven’t written a post in some time, so I thought it was time to get back at ‘er. This past February, the soon to be family-in-law and I traveled down to Disney World. Truely a great experience to be had. This trip lasted a week, and was full of sun and fun. A true experience to be had, It was the first time in a long time, that I could truely remember being at WDW. This will be the tale of the fun times “Where the dreams come true.”

The trip started with the excitement of travel a few days prior. Getting the suitcase out of the closet and opening it for the first time in what seems a long times, brings a sense of wonder. I wisped around the closet pulling out shirts, shorts, and the socks thrown on the bed to be neatly folded later. Blue shirts, Purple Shirts, Jackets, Beige shorts, Socks, Shoes, Sandles; the list seems endless to pairing combinations. I eventually got everything into the suitcase, often poorly folded or thrown in because I was off getting other things ready. all-in-all I was ready to go!

The morning, came early as I was sure excited to be traveling that day. Cab was called and the luggage hauled. Getting to the airport to get checked in and find breakfast. I instinctively brought a cribbage board,Cribbage Board so the Fiancee and I sat across from the Terminal Timmies and played a few rounds. A great start to a great vacation. We boarded about noon to head to Toronto and then to Orlando. Somewhere on the way down we had a delay due to weather. We eventually got into Orlando about 1 a.m. and collected our luggage. Luckily it made the trip with us, because we were tired and wouldn’t of wanted to deal with lost luggage. We walked in an excited daze to the Magical Express to get us to our Port Orleans French Quaters Hotel. We eventually got checked in and in bed by 3 a.m. We made it! We were on Disney Property!. Cusko

In true Disney fashion, we got up early the next day and headed over the Animal Kingdom. The plans consisted of Fiancee and brother to rush off to a roller coaster, Kilimanjaro Safaries, and Kali River Rapids. As she rushed to Mt. Everest, I leasurly strolled that way to watch them come down and try to catch a picture. Never was truely sure if the pictures I got actually had them in it. At least I tried. DSCF1068

They seem to have had fun on the rollercoaster that I (still am) scared to death of. They finished with ear to ear grins that they were able to start the day on Everest. We meandered (I think with fast pass) over to Kali River Rapids, which is one of my favorite rides at Animal Kingdom. It was still relatively cool, so people seemed to stay away from Kali which was okay with us. We went on quite a few times. Rolling up the convey in the large raft, floating down the river to the big drop. The family was gambling on who would get the most soaked. The first round it was the brother, the second it was myself. You probably could hear our laugher ring out on who would get the wettest. On on of those rounds I was in charge of the lanyard to set the times you see on the stand by lines, it felt like a great honour. It was specialKali Pass. With great wetness, we met up with a family friend, and made our way to Kilimanjaro Safari. In past posts, this was the place where I saw that amazing Butterfly in the cab of the truck. This time, sadly there was no butterfly, but instead we got great photos of rhinos from the back of the truck. DSCF1107It was a great ride, and every one had a great time.

We decided after Kilimanjaro to have lunch. We picked Ribs and chicken and forgot about US portion sizes. We each ordered our own, but truely could still be full if we all just shared one. So large, so good. With that said, the clouds started to become dark, and the sky started to open. It was downpour, the big droplet kind, for a good 30 or so minutes. To say I was drenched was an under statement. We rushed across the park in the downpour and decided to dry off at ‘its a bug’s life’ show. 3D of awesomeness getting all your senses. We got out and it was still raining, so we hurried to the buses to go off to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a special supper. A taste of Africa finished off the day.

Day two started with us getting up early yet again. Hollywood studios was the plan for the day. We arrived early, and in true fashion the Fiancee and brother ran off to another rollercoaster, as me and the father slowly strolled to meet them. DSCF1124 DSCF1126

As the line for non-fast-pass was quite long, I was able to shop at the villian store down the main street, and found a gremlin in one. Took a picture of course. I soon took a seat to wait for them to finish while listening to Aerosmith and people watch. Disney is a place to people watch. Once they were finished we met back up. Apparently they were able to do Tower of Terror also, so Two Birds, One Waits. We headed off to The Great Movie Ride, where we waited for what seem like forever in the FastPass lane, never was told why the wait was long. I pointed out in the end that the Cassablanca portion had a miniature DC-3. I was proud to point it out. After, we went off to the ABC lunch place, and had chicken burgers while watching America’s Funniest Home Video’s on a loop. We went off to the muppet show, cracking jokes about the American Patriatism of Sam the Eagle – “a salute to all nations, but mostly America” and Constatines – “Keer-mit the Fre-og.” Coming out of the show we were met by a father handing us Funnel Cake. Eating as we went, we left the park stating that this was a Half-day Park. We later went on to Magic Kingdom.

DSCF1128 DSC_0013This is where it gets fuzzy a few months later, as we often parked hopped after this. So with that said, I may mix and match the days, but the parks will stay the same. So lets start the park hopping.  The evening was cool, so this crazy Canadian family, headed straight to Splash Mountain while the nightly parade was one. Like Kali, we were able to go on multiple times getting wetter and colder as the time went on. No matter which seat the brother sat in, the water missed us and found him. He later regretted it, but still had fun. I somehow was talked into trying my first rollercoaster – Big Thunder Mountain, in the evening in the dark. The line was short still as others were off watching the night time parade. I ended up Giggling through the whole Big Thunder Mountain. It was my first time, and my first time at night and I loved it. I was hooked! Thinking about it, the Big Thunder Mountain may have been the Third day. Either way After either BTM or Splash we headed over to the Hounted Mansion. We got in line again, which was short still. We walked in and the Ghost Host greeted us in his spooky Paul Freese voice.Haunted Mansion The Chamber Rose and the Chambers Creeked as we got on the ride. We saw the piano play, the coffin shutter, and the walls look back at us. We moved into the library and then were welcomed by the seance of Mme. Leota welcoming us to the ghostly palace. We watched as the women lead the men in a dance and ghost enter from the hurse. we were lead into the attic where the death bride introduced us to the anger and greif she bestowed on the groom. We later went into the cemetary where there were Grim Grinning Ghosts. We eventually took home a ghost with us and were escorted out with a “Hurrrrry Backkkk,-” where I often burst into giggles unable to contain myself. To say the least this was our most favourite ride, in the days to come we rode it at least two/three times a day. Each time I giggled even more.

On one of the multiple times we were at the Magic Kingdom, we would scurry over into Tomorrowland, and loaded onto the TTA. For what it was, it was great and what I remember as a child. We found our way to the Carousel of Progress and the great spinning room. We sung along to “Its a great big beautiful tomorrow” and were suprised they actually updated the last scence to include starwars and an LCD tv screen. It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Something something at the end of everyday!!

One of those nights, we stayed for the fireworks. At one point in the trip, I stated that they were just fireworks…. I was SO wrong! I should of never of assumed. The castle was light up and the fireworks went off, It really brought joy to me to watch!. DSC_0036

Before the fireworks went off the the castle light, we watched the Night time Electrical parade, where I was able to have a grump off with GRUMPY. I think he won. Over all we tried to get on every ride that we could. Big Bear Jamboree, the Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbian, Buzz Light Year, TTA, and the Rail Road. If I could I would stay on the rail road all day. it was so relaxing to be wizzed around the park with a steam locomotive! That, and I was bound to be in a few random family photos of others and the train was in station. DSC_0102 DSC_0104

Since we parked hopped a bit most days consisted of two parks. On a few of those days we ended up at EPCOT. Once we even Monorail’d overthere from Magic Kingdom.  During our time at epcot, as a true Canadian would, we would visit the Canadian Pavilion and watch the Circle Vision with Martin Short. Only leaning was allowed, because we canadian want americans to move a little. First time ever seeing that and I loved it. Of course we were the only canadians there at the time. We soon made it into the gift shop and saw souviners we could of picked up at home for cheaper, eh!. Got to talking to the Hosts, and apparently there is a guest book you can sign. I was like the 13th Albertain. Fiancee was the 2nd Northerner for the year. With that said and done we made our way around the world looking out for the drunks around the world. We stopped in Britian, got some candy and made our way to ‘Merica. The most patriotic show I ever saw. At least they had a moving Ben Franklin moving animatronic. Patriatism!. We moved onto France and their video vision. Much smoother and romantic. Bonjour!. We ended in the Mexican pavilion where we took a boat ride in search of Donald. image_13I found him being hung by a stick. We made it around the world!

I also went tried another rollercoaster here at Epcot. A fast one to boot. Test Track, were you a strapped into a test model and speed around the track at up to 60 Mph. I put up my hands and giggled all the way, again. It seems to be a thing of mine to giggle on roller coasters.  Other rides at epoct included Living with the land, and their boat ride. I was overly excited for a very calm ride about plants :P it seemed unwarrented. Still had a great time. We saw the living seas, where we tried to find Nemo and was rushed into the Bubble highway with the turtles. Cool Effect dude. The Brother stated we all must go to see Captain EO. I had no idea what that was, but went along anyway. Apparently it was 1980’s Michael Jackson meets Starwars. Totally Youtube it! No words could explain it, but it was the most fantastic-awful thing ever in 3D! I’d see it again for sure.

We meandered a bit and ended up at Spaceship earth, where we were laughing at our future photos. Apparently I am from the North North North Canada near Santa. I have yet to do the inner globe thingy rollercoaster, but Spaceship earth was great with the 70’s Disco haired Space Techs. We went on the ride everytime we were in Epcot. DSC_0143

The vacation sadly came to an end after five days, and we had to head back home. I didn’t want it to end and I know my fiance didn’t either. So for the time being, we are planning more Disney vacations, and a wedding. I was also told to mention we must go to Phantom Manor in Paris as part of a vacation.

So in essence, I am still alive and well and will post about my adventures in this crazy world.

-Kitty Moose.